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In line with the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), you are reassured that any personal data provided, will only be used for the purposes intended ie to assist with our improvement towards communicating and engaging with our workforce in addition to being used as a platform for releasing employee data to our current Website and Benefit’s provider(s). Any email/personal data held, will be kept strictly private and confidential and only unless otherwise informed, may be shared with the Quiet Storm Website, Busy Bees, the HR & Payroll Departments. All personal data held on our records, complies with the requirements of GDPR, effective from May 2018. For instance, in order to register anyone onto the respective Busy Bee Schemes, we may be required to provide your email and home address, date of birth, employee and national insurance numbers. More details regarding GDPR to follow, but you can be assured that your personal data is only processed by a limited team within the Central Services HR Department. To illustrate that you have read, understand and are happy for this information to be used, please tick this box before proceeding to the next stage of registration. Thank you.